The world's largest patriotic organization.  For nearly a  century, the American Legion
Auxiliary has been serving, helping, and meeting the needs of our nation's veterans
and their families - both here and abroad.

"GIVE 10 TO EDUCATION "   We will be participating again this year with the
donations going to the Mustard Seed School.  This is a transitional school for
homeless children.  The average child only stays for 3-4 weeks but all children receive
a backpack with school supplies that they can take with them to their next school. programs/mustardseedschool

Please bring your donations to the next meeting. Children can come and go during the
school year however, the need for supplies continues throughout the year.  We will
continue to collect items/supplies throughout the year.  Just bring them to our monthly
meetings.  Thanks for helping our children get a good start in school.  They are our
Post 233 - Elk Grove
American Legion Auxiliary

The 2017 Yountville Picnic will be here before we know it.  6th District will be sponsoring next year’s
event.  We need to raise money to make this the best event ever for the residents at Yountville Veteran’s

The American Legion Auxiliary is hosting a candy and nut fundraiser.
 All items will sell for $15.00 and
all profit will go towards the Yountville residents.

Please help us by selling to your family and friends.  These will make great Holiday Gifts!  We will
continue to sell through May of 2017.

We have started with a limited number of items to sell, however, we will consider expanding the
selection if there is enough interest.  We have full color brochures showing all of the items that are
available to order.  We feel we have selected the most popular (and tastiest) items to sell.

How to order:  Contact:         Ann Sanchez at 916-208-4363 or 916-395-5647
              Or         Ramona Tafoya at 916- 600-0309        
Let us know how many of each item you need.  We will deliver the items to you or you can pick them up.  
Please plan to pay for your items when you pick them up.  If you would like to have items available to
sell at your meeting or event, please call to make arrangements.  
(Our initial order will ship on Nov. 7, 2016.  If you have a large order prior to that date, please let us know
so we can increase the order.)

Thank you for your help and support 6th District American Legion Auxiliary
Serving Veteran’s from Sea to Shining Sea!

Glazed Pecans are our mammoth pecan
halved with a scrumptious glaze that can only
be described as heavenly!  8 Ounce Bag
Roasted with just a hint of salt before
receiving a sweet candy coating in our circa
1940s copper cauldrons and a
hand-tossing in our proprietary blend of
cinnamon and vanilla sugar.  10 Ounce Bag
A chewy mint center smothered in decadent
dark chocolate. Each bite brings a burst of
spring and excites the senses.  8 Ounce Box
Individually packaged, each two-bite cluster
contains pecan pieces roasted with just a
hint of salt before they are coated in buttery
caramel and enrobed in our premium milk
chocolate.  10 Ounce Bag
A bountiful mix of mammoth pecans, cashews,
pistachios, macadamias, almonds, hazelnuts
and brazils roasted and gently salted to
perfection. Simply amazing.  1 lb. Bag