Post 233 - Elk Grove
Commanders Corner
Dear Post 233 Members,

It is already July 2017; WOW the last year went fast.  We at Post 233 did some great things in the
last year.  We helped many Veterans; our family got bigger (Riders), and we reached 304
members. Well we are already again helping more Veterans this year and we are as big family wise
as we can get with the 4 groups  (Legion, Auxiliary, Riders, and Sons), so let us talk Membership.  
With help of the whole Post Families we went from 190 to 304 members, now the Question is can
we keep them?  I think with the whole post Family help we can.  Remember we are all a part of the
Membership Team.  The first thing I want to ask you is to please renew your 2018 membership
now.  I know we are 5 months from December, but it will help us to see where we are come
January.  The membership year runs January to December each year, But the new recruitment
year starts in July for the next year.  Become a Recruiter, we have over 9000 Veterans in Elk
Grove, we can do better than 304.  We have the second highest total Members in a Post in District
6.  Woodland is the highest with over 400.  So let’s go out and Recruit, Recruit, and Recruit.
Remember the State Fair July 20th, Veterans are free.  Just show proof, DD214, V
A card, or
Veteran on the Driver’s License,

District 6 is in charge of the Picnic this year at Yountville July 29 and 30th.  I hope to see as many
of you that can go, go.  Remember we have a good number of our Post members at District level,
so let us support them.
I want to thank the Auxiliary, Halina Daniels, Judy Cullum, Laura Beck, and
Corri Abendroth, who were always there when I needed them.  The list goes on of the rest of the
Auxiliary members that helped, this is not to mention the Duel members like Maryanne Rickner,
Julie Baumgarter, and Gail Hyden. Thank you all!

I want to thank the SAL members also, Chuck Boles, William Grunwald, and the Dual members too.
We welcomed the Riders, They made the Veterans Day Parade.  Thank you.

Lastly I want to again thank you for the Honor to serve as your Commander.  I had a Great time
Last Year.  The support I received was great, Ted Daniels, Brent Kone, Kate Grunwald,
Bullard, Doug Phillips, Gail Hyden, and the list go on.  Everyone in the Post has been great. Thank
you all.

Please help me make this year a better year tha
n the year before.  The more we work together the
better we

Larry Sahota