Post 233 - Elk Grove
Commanders Corner
What a great fundraiser!   The whole Legion Family helped.  Thanks to the Auxiliary,
Sons, and Riders.

I want to thank Ted and Halina Daniels, Brent Kone, Wes Bullard, and Robert Bullock for
all the hard work it takes to make this event  happen.

I want to thank Brian Habbestad for the sound system and Kevin Spease for MCing.  I
want to thank Mike Navin for the Bar and Tickets sales.  

I am going to thank a group of people who helped, if I miss someone I am sorry.  

Steve and Laura Beck, George and Pam Ball, Norm and    Paul Copsey, Mike McVean,
Taps, the Bar staff, and Doug Phillips and Henry Sanchez ticket sellers.  Also, the
Auxiliary for the hall Decoration and the Riders for the Security.  

Thanks to Steven and Rosa Hernandez, Matt Sahota and Jennifer Turner for being team
Captains for collecting Gifts along with Ted and Halina and Brent Kone.Frank Maita for
his help in getting gifts.

Thanks to Doug Gault for mentoring the Valley Hi Cadets, Boy Scouts, and CRC
Veterans and Staff.

As you can see it takes alot of people to make this happen.  A great team effort.   We
made some money and friends doing it.

If you were not a part of this year’s Fundraiser, please think about joining us next year.   
The more we do this the easier it gets.  We can split the work up to make it easier for

So, thanks to everyone for helping and coming to support this very Successful

Larry Sahota