Robert “Bob” Samaniego

Dear Legion Family & Friends,
Once again I have the sad duty to inform you that another comrade has fallen from our ranks. SGM Robert “Bob” Samaniego, U.S.A. ( ret ) passed this morning. (10/17/2020)
Bob, was a gentle soul, so much so that when many of us first met him we found it hard to believe that he was a Sergeant Major, of the United States Army. His love and gentleness, as well as his service to his fellow man would make you think he was a Chaplain not a Combat MP.
Bob, served with Distinction in the Gulf War as well other theaters of operation In his lifelong army career. He went on to serve his community by becoming a Sheriff’s Deputy. He was a member of our post for the past 11 years, when something needed to be done, he would raise his hand and say let’s do it. He was a firm believer in the philosophy that no one should be left behind, and he lived those words every day. He was not only actively involved in the American Legion he was also heavily involved in the  Veterans services programs of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and as a volunteer with the VA, at Mather Hospital. Bob, is a Life Member of The American Legion, And will be sorely missed.
The funeral arguments are pending, the only thing for sure is he will be Intern at the Sacramento Valley National Veterans Cemetery.
Sergeant Major Robert C. Samaniego, United States Army your watch is ended, you are relived you may stand down. I herby transfer you my brother to Post Everlasting.
Brian J. McGuinness
American Legion Post 233