Post Officers

CONGRATULATIONS to our new 2020-2021 Post Officers.  2020 has been challenging but we are ready to move forward with full access to our Veterans Hall sometime in 2021.  Come see how we roll!!


Brian McGuinnes

1st Vice Cmdr
Anacleta ‘Ann’ Thorne

2nd Vice Cmdr
David Thorne

3rd Vice Cmdr 
Michael Ploszai


D’Ann Moseley

Asst. Adjutant

Westely Bullard


James Burton


Doug Phillips

Judge Advocate

William Tyson


Roy Mendez

Service Officer 
Mike Retzlaff

Asst Svc Officer

Steve Hernandez


Dan Moseley

Member-at-Large 3 yr
Larry Sahota

Member-at-Large 2 yr

Westely Bullard

Member-at-Large 1 yr

Brent Kone

Hall Board 3 yr

Robert Bullock

Hall Board 2 yr

Westely Bullard

Hall Board 1 yr

Jorge Lopez

Public Relations

Jack Edwards